Personal Info Managers


Personal Info Keeper  v.3.0

Never type a UserID or password again. Never make a mistake entering your name, address, zip code, or other information into a Web Form. Personal Info Keeper (PIK) organizes all your personal information in a convenient tree view.

Personal Info Keeper 3.0_build_28  v._28

Never type a UserID or password again.


Personal Info, etc. Management (Pieman)  v.0.07

Pieman is a command-line tool for managing personal information such as appointments, contacts, and tasks as well as other data such as notes and rc files.

Personal Notepad  v.2. 1. 2025

Personal Notepad is a personal info management tool, that let's you create notes on the fly. Basic features are: unlimited number of notes real time notesTM: you don't need to bother about saving/archiving.

Personal Memory Manager  v.

PMM Personal Memory Manager can best be compared to generic applications such as spreadsheets, databases or text-editors, for it does not exactly fit into one category, although 'Personal Information Managers and Calendars',


CubeNoter is a multifunctional diary/pocket-book/addressbook software designated to give you the possibility to organize any personal info in a comfortable and easy way. CubeNoter provides you with extended searching and sorting functionality. We give you

Contact Numbers

There are plenty of Brilliant Personal Information Managers available. if you need what they have then this probably isn't for you. However, if all you need is an easy to use way to store the Contact details of Friends, Colleagues etc then this might

Live Toolbar

Search Internet faster and more securely with Microsoft Windows Live Toolbar. See a warning when a site trying to scam your personal info, cut down unwanted pop-ups; collect, organize, and share the info you find online, instantly fill in Web forms,

ADSelfService Plus  v.4 5

ADSelfService Plus is a secure web-based portal for password resets and AD updates by end users. - Self Reset Password / Unlock accounts without Helpdesk -User Update personal info in Active Directory real time.


PROACTIME is the Swissknife of proactive personal information managers (PIM) that optimizes time and resource management. Resources and activities are grouped around projects. On the base of personel criteria an automatic planning is generated.

Portable RoboForm  v.6.3.8

Organize, secure and automate your online logins, passwords, bookmarks, personal info,

The Address Manager XP  v.6.5

There are so many personal information managers it is hard to know which one is right for you. If you need to organize both personal and professional contacts, The Address Manager is for you.

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